Douwe Draaisma


This month, Yale UP published my monograph on forgetting, imaginatively entitled Forgetting.

There is also a Q&A on the forgetting of dreams, cryptomnesia and the time-saving futility of trying to boost your memory. Gareth Cook of Scientific American Mind talked with the author on first memories and the lack of an ‘art of forgetting’. Alison Abbot wrote a review in Nature: PDF. The Lancet had a review by distinguished neurologist Steven Rose: PDF.

Recently, Quand l’esprit s’égard came out, the French translation of Disturbances of the Mind (Cambridge UP, 2009).

Pierre Broca, Georges Gilles de la Tourette, Joseph Capgras en Gaëtan de Clérambault are French eponymists. They gave their names to brain areas and syndromes and testify to the prominent position of France in 19th-century neurology and psychiatry.
Quand l’esprit s’égard was translated by Bertrand Abraham and is published by Seuil.
One of the first reviews appeared in Sciences Humaines.

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